At Gospel Baptist Christian School, we strive to “educate children for eternity.”  What does that mean?  This type of education begins with a dedicated staff striving to model biblical living.  The Bible is our first textbook.  While Biblical and character training are key, that’s just the beginning of this overall education.

Our teachers use a combination of Bob Jones University Press and A Beka Book curriculum in their classrooms.  These textbooks have been tried and proven over the years.  Each of our teachers strives to teach the material clearly to each student.  Occasionally a child may need additional assistance.  We will do whatever we can to help each student succeed.

Each year, our students (K-5 through 12th grade) take the SAT 10 (Stanford Achievement Test).  These tests are helpful for the parents, teachers, and administrators to enforce strengths and remediate weaknesses.

A brief summary is provided on each grade division’s page with the various materials used in each of our classes.  If you so choose, you may follow the links to our textbook publishers to read a more detailed “scope and sequence.”

BJUP Scope & Sequence

A Beka Book Scope & Sequence

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