Students in Jr. and Sr. High use a combination of A Beka and BJUP materials.  Students also use materials from Take Tenn Publications to supplement in several areas.

Students in Jr. and Sr. High benefit from a competent guidance counseling program.  High school students (with the help of their parents) begin making academic decisions about the path they choose to follow beyond graduation.  With the help of Mrs. Moon, students map out the classes best suited to meet or exceed those goals.

Our Jr. and Sr. High classrooms are high tech and up-to-date.  Academically, our students enjoy all typical courses, along with speech, music, literary arts, and PE classes.  Students participate in TONS of extracurricular activities, including fine arts competitions and athletic competitions in flag football, volleyball, and basketball.

We are never satisfied with mediocrity in our programs.  We are constantly striving for excellence in all areas of educating young men and ladies for eternity.

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