Attention Parents of Incoming 3rd-4th Grade Students

Attention Parents of Incoming 3rd-4th Grade Students

Hello!  This is Miss R.  I am already looking forward to the fabulous group of kiddos entering (and promoting within) our class in September.  Please know that you can reach me by clicking on my contact form on our website.  Once I’ve established communication with you as a parent, you will be able to reach me by phone, text, or E-mail.

I purchased an annual subscription to MobyMax for our class.  I’m sure some of you want an easy way for your child to stay engaged over the summer without worksheets.  MobyMax is a web based program that assesses students and then teaches lessons to strengthen weak areas.

If your child is enrolled at GBCS and is entering 3rd or 4th grade, he or she is able to use this program over the summer (and throughout the school year) to provide some extra practice.  For every 5 minutes spent productively working, your child earns 1 minute of game time they can use within the program.  They also earn 3 seconds of game time for every correct answer.

I have a special contest running for the month of July, so please shoot me an E-mail for your child’s login information.  This program will cost you nothing, and will allow your kiddos to avoid the summer slide.

Have a fantastic summer, and keep in touch!

Miss R.

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