News from the Principal

I am very thankful that we were able to have another successful school year! Due to Covid-19 our school year started out with much uncertainty. Some questions that flooded all of our minds were, “Are we going to be able to remain open all school year?”, “Will we have to resort to remote learning again?”, “Will we have an outbreak of Covid throughout the school?”. Thankfully, we were able to complete all 180 days of school with in-class learning! Also, very few of our students and families were affected by Covid! God was very gracious in allowing us to have an almost normal school year.

Thank you for being so cooperative and understanding of our policies and procedures this year. I know that some of our families were inconvenienced by 

our out-of-school sickness policy, but thank you for maintaining a good spirit through it all and being patient with us as we maneuvered through this circumstance. 

When the new school year begins, all of us hope that Covid will be in the rearview mirror so we can focus on the new school year in front of us! As the situation with Covid progresses, our faculty and administration are hopeful that we will be able to operate as we did before Covid. 

May God bless each of your families, and may you all have a wonderful summer!