Pastor Bill Lytell

Pastor Bill Lytell, Administrator

Serving at GBCS Since 1986

Bachelor of Arts, Bob Jones University

Master of Arts, Pensacola Christian College

Doctor of Divinity, Ambassador Baptist College

I have been at GBCS since the very beginning in 1986. I didn’t become the Administrator until 1992, but was involved in the creation and planning mode for the present school throughout the process. I have a B.A. from Bob Jones University (1978), a M.A. from Pensacola Christian College (1981), and a Doctorate of Divinity from Ambassador Baptist College (2010). All my training has been in Theology, School Administration, and Business. God has blessed us as we have endeavored to provide a “safe haven” for our children and those of the surrounding area, where all the subjects are taught from a “Christ-centered” perspective, with deep emphasis on the character of the individual.  It is a place where “principles” of life are taught with the academia needed for further education in college if the student so desired.