Gospel Baptist Christian School has a loving, family atmosphere.  Students from age 3 through their Senior year of high school enjoy many diverse experiences.  These experiences include character development, academic opportunities, fine arts competitions, athletics, and much more.


At Gospel Baptist Christian School, we strive to “educate children for eternity.” What does that mean? This type of education begins with a dedicated staff striving to model biblical living. The Bible is our first textbook. While Biblical and character training are key, that’s just the beginning of the overall education.

Our teachers use a combination of Bob Jones University Press and Abeka Book curriculum in their classrooms. These textbooks have been proven over the years. Each of our teachers strives to teach the material clearly to each student. We will do whatever we can to help each student succeed.

Each year, our students (K5 through 12th grade) take the Iowa Test of Basic Skills and CogAT tests. These nationally normed achievement tests are helpful for parents, teachers, and administrators as they work to enforce strengths and remediate weaknesses.

Click on these links to view the detailed “scope and sequence” from our textbook publishers.

BJUP Scope & Sequence

Abeka Scope & Sequence

Athletics (5th-12th Grades)

Beginning in 2006, GBCS joined the Florida Christian Athletic Association. This gave our students the opportunity to compete in flag football, volleyball, and basketball with other local Christian schools.

Our prayer and goal is that in sports – or whatever we do – we do it “to the glory of God.”

Fine Arts (6th-12th Grades)

The fine arts program at GBCS began in the early 2000’s under the direction of Mrs. Regina Brown. What started as an opportunity to teach children to communicate effectively and courageously for God’s glory has turned into a passion for so many students in our family. Our students have competed and placed in the FACCS Competition, the AACS National Competition, the SSACS Competition, and the FCAA Fine Arts Competition.

Students are able to explore many avenues of art, music, and drama. By allowing our students to pursue different avenues of competition, they learn many different skills. Of course, one hopes to compete well – but that is only part of the joy of fine arts competition. The lasting treasure is that students learn to rely on the Lord to communicate His message.