Teacher Topics

Praise the Lord for another wonderful school year!  As I think back to the uncertainty of last summer, I am again amazed at the goodness and grace of God on our behalf.  We were prepared for possible temporary shut-downs, and that was not necessary.   We are so very thankful for your cooperation and help.  Your willingness to cooperate with the sickness policies helped to prevent any massive spread of COVID (or any other communicable diseases).  Thank you!

Summer is a fantastic time to help your children grow.  Even a little mental stimulation over the summer will help them tremendously.  The easiest way to encourage growth this summer is to do a little bit of everything.  Students need a break (just like adults), and summer is the perfect time to take a break while helping them grow all around.  Of course, making sure that they’re reading is the best way to keep their minds sharp.  20 minutes a day of reading will benefit every student.  This could be independent reading, reading together as a family, or reading aloud to your children.  All these activities encourage their minds and imaginations to grow.  Also, make sure there’s time for exploring new hobbies and adding tons of physical activity.  Elementary students can take advantage of the Vacation Station workbooks from BJU Press.  It takes about 30 minutes a day to cover 20 minutes of reading and provides a little practice in math and language arts.  There are also hundreds of free educational websites and apps that are available.  

Most importantly, summer is a fantastic time to help your child build a closer walk with the Lord.  That is the greatest investment possible!  Academics will only take a child so far.  If heaven is not their home, all else will be lost.  If your child(ren) know the Lord, imagine the impact they may have for eternity if this summer is not wasted!  

Enjoy the extra time with your kiddos this summer.  Please let us know how we can be of assistance to you.  We are preparing for a fantastic school year this fall.  Several classes are at capacity, and a few classes have a waiting list.  The school is growing and thriving.  Keep in touch.  Updated calendars, supply lists, uniform information, and more will be on the website in July.