Check Out the New Gymnasium!

God has been SO good to Gospel Baptist Church and Christian School.  We have had a dream of having our own gymnasium for years, but the timing was not right.  After years of dreaming, planning, saving, praying, and dreaming some more, God has richly opened the windows of heaven and has blessed Gospel with a beautiful new facility.

The basketball goals and volleyball net are all on hydraulics, so that they can be used as they are needed and lifted when they are not in use.  The last detail to finish will be the floor.  However, we must wait for some drier weather conditions for the floor to properly cure.  Lord willing, this fall we will be able to use this beautiful new facility for our athletic games, PE, and much more.

Pray with us that the final details come together.  Pray that the City of Bonita Springs approves all the landscaping and that our final CO is issued soon.  Also, please praise the Lord with us for the great things He has done!

Finally, thank you for your help in making this dream a reality.

Praise the Lord! God's people have sacrificially given their time, talent, and treasure. They have "planted trees other people will sit under." May God be glorified by the use of this beautiful facility!

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